DocumentFolio Exhibit

Build secure electronic bundles in minutes, not hours.

DocumentFolio Exhibit is a next-generation solution for electronic bundling.

Our software offers complete versatility to create electronic bundles (eBibles), transaction volumes, bid submissions and more, via an easy-to-use desktop application. DocumentFolio Exhibit enables end-users to quickly and efficiently create high-quality electronic bundles of documents, for a wide variety of purposes. Our developers designed and built DocumentFolio Exhibit to meet the stringent electronic bundle quality and security requirements of our law firm customers.


Highly secure AES-256 encrypted electronic bundles & PDFs to ensure complete security


Visually appealing electronic bundles, that can be designed to reflect your brand.

Simple Creation Wizard

Generate electronic bundles quickly and simply using our step-by-step wizard.


Search documents and metadata using an easy-to-use interface.

Features & Benefits

Use pre-existing indexes

Create eBundles using a standard Legal Index, loadfile or directly from the filesystem.

Highly portable

eBundles can be copied to CDs or USBs, zipped and sent via email or FTP, and opened on Windows or macOS.

Versatile and adaptable

Can be used in multiple industries and for multiple uses, like trial bundles, bid submissions, governance papers, O&M Manuals, and transaction volumes.

Request a Demo

We are document and software geeks at heart, and we loved building this for our clients. We would love to provide a demonstration of what DocumentFolio Exhibit could achieve for you - please do give us a call or drop one of our team an email here.