DocumentFolio Illuminate

Next-generation batch print and conversion software.

Use DocumentFolio Illuminate to print and convert folders of files, PSTs, ZIPs and more.

DocumentFolio Illuminate takes almost any standard electronic file and guides you through a step-by-step wizard, to facilitate batch document printing and conversion. DocumentFolio Illuminate is capable of producing customisable slip sheets, resizing documents, applying watermarks, headers and footers. DocumentFolio Illuminate also supports extracting native files and text, along with a metadata export, facilitating ingestion into eDiscovery products.

Auto-Optimise Excel Printing

Never again spend time resizing spreadsheets for printing.

Multi-Format Support

Supports over 50 common file types including the full Office suite and Outlook PST files.

Attachment Detection

Identify and extract attachments and embedded files from emails in Outlook PSTs.

Custom Branding

Apply your own custom global watermarks, headers and footers.

Features & Benefits

Slipsheet Generation

Generate slipsheets quickly and easily with any available metadata, and print all types of slipsheets from different trays in your printer.

Document Filtering and Reporting

Quickly report on the contents of a CD, USB, archive, PST, or folder, and simply filter out unnecessary or unprintable files before printing.

Password Sets

Automatically try lists of known passwords against any encrypted files while reporting, without the need to decrypt them manually.

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Our service is available from our offices in London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.

We are document and software geeks at heart, and we loved building this for our clients. We would love to provide a demonstration of what DocumentFolio Illuminate could achieve for you - please do give us a call or drop one of our team an email here.